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We have a systematic talent management process based on analyzing our current profile in line with our strategic goals, identifying the talents we need and including them in our organization, while developing, evaluating and retaining our existing talents.

We believe in the importance of mutual understanding policy in the management of this process and we use corporate communication channels actively and effectively.

By adopting a talent-based human resources management philosophy, we see it as one of our main goals to bring young talents to Epsan.

We are committed to being a company that develops institutionally and manages its reputation. In this regard, we are making serious investments in our human resources with the support of our senior management.

According to the Career Planning system we have developed, we determine the talents for the target positions and ensure that individual and position-specific trainings are received. In this context, we have a clear feedback process that we have established and our low turnover rate is the positive result of our efforts.

We embody, implement and work to develop two important features such as agility and innovation, which are expected to be successful in the business.