PA 6 materials are one of the first product groups to be used as an alternative to PA 66 products in many applications, when proper conditions can be met. This is because in many ways they have similar mechanical properties and the same density value. However, there are two important features that PA 6 materials generally fall behind compared to PA 66; Higher thermal resistance and lower moisture uptake of PA66. By concentrating on these two properties in the development of alternatives to PA 66, PA 6 can be developed for use at high temperatures by improving its thermal properties. PA 6 heat aging performace can be improved for use at high temperatures by  boosting its thermal resistance. These improvements expand the usage area of PA 6 and offer more cost-effective solutions to be used as an alternative to PA 66.

Due to the PA 6.6 crisis in recent years, supply problems and the cost increases as a result, alternative studies for PA 6.6 have accelerated. As Epsan, we are working on PA 6 and PBT in order to offer an alternative.

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