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Epsan has developed PBT/Recycle PET Glass Filled V0 material with prime mechanical and flammability properties for both halogenated and halogen-free grade materials.

Eplon+ For Flame Retardant Solution

Epsan creates innovative solutions for the applications with the expectancy of high durability and visual aesthetics, in order to meet the expectations of the domestic appliance industry and end users. While, Epsan’s products have certifications such as KTW and WRAS, it offers products that are also in compliance with ROHS and

Epsan’s Flame Retardant Solutions

Epsan produces solutions with superior properties for electrics and electronics industries, conforming standards such as UL94, CTI, GWFI, GWIT, LOI, which are critical importance, and we create a sense of reliability in the industry with our efficient solutions. Epsan’s Flame Retardant Solutions


Epsan produces solutions with high mechanical properties for automotive industry that are in line with IATF 16949 standards. Its solutions can be used in internal, exterior, under the hood and e-mobility applications. ABS/PA SOLUTION FOR TOFAŞ/FOMPAK

Railway E&E Materials

EN-45545-2 requirements are highly significant for the railway materials as they are related to the burning behavior and properties of the product. Material requirements for the public transportation standards were easy to fulfill in the absence of EN-45545-2 standards but it has changed dramatically. Railway E&E Materials


Axia Plastics has become Epsan’s official distributor for the  DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). With this agreement Axia Plastics will be selling EPSAN’s engineering plastics solutions which are mainly used  in automotive, E&E, and household appliances industries. Having a strong partner, particularly on the Germanic market, will bring more value

Ecofriendly, Sustainable EPLON+ HT03 grades

With agile and innovation mission, Epsan introduced our new Eco-Friendly solution EPLON+ HT03 grades. Polyphthalamides are a specific type of aromatic polyamides. Using polyphthalamide a semi-crystalline polyamide, which brings advantages in terms of cost, weight and design compared with die casting solutions, without compromising in functionality. Epsan merges the advantages of

Battery Show Europe 2021

Epsan proudly has placed in exhibit at The Battery Show Europe 2021 which held online between 18-20 May