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Ecofriendly, Sustainable EPLON+ HT03 grades

With agile and innovation mission, Epsan introduced our new Eco-Friendly solution EPLON+ HT03 grades.

Polyphthalamides are a specific type of aromatic polyamides. Using polyphthalamide a semi-crystalline polyamide, which brings advantages in terms of cost, weight and design compared with die casting solutions, without compromising in functionality. Epsan merges the advantages of PPA materials and eco-friendly understanding.

Epsan already offers eco-friendly grades that are sustainable, release lower carbon footprint, and energy saving with different recycled engineering plastics. Now we are going one step forward and introducing eco-friendly PPA grades. Epsan combines virgin and high quality post-industrial sources together to achieve optimum mechanical performance. With this engineering success, this new eco-friendly EPLON+ HT03 solutions promise nearly same mechanical and thermal properties with prime grades of PPA.

Eplamid HT03 grades offer the following unique properties with environmental friendly understanding in general conditions and even after moisture absorption:

  • Good Surface Finish,
  • Good Dimensional Stability,
  • Good High Temperature Properties,
  • Good Chemical Resistance to Glycols and Oils and Excellent Creep Resistance.

Eplamid HT03 grades are used for molding technical parts where high operating temperatures and high stiffness in moist environments are required. These grades are used primarily in machine industry, furniture and automotive applications.