Flame retardant; Low Smoke Density, Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Solutions

Halogen-free flame retardant products are used primarily in cable industry, household goods, industrial applications, automotive and electric & electronics industries. The effects of high smoke density on human health in case of fires where flame retardant products are used, have been assessed widely. It has been found that the halogen free products with low smoke emission and low toxicity gain great importance due to these reasons.

In addition, flame retardant products are developed in accordance with EN45545-2 Rail Systems.

Flame retardant product groups are designed to be used safely in all areas where products with electronic components are available. Fire retardant products ensure human health by preventing the spread behavior in case of fire or by reducing the rate of spread, increasing the safe time required for people to leave the environment. At the same time, flame retardant products can keep the resulting fire hazard under control and reduce the extent of environmental and financial damage.

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